Ethereum Community Conference


EthCC (Ethereum Community Conference) has taken place in Paris on the 8th to 10th March 2018.

There has been a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments on the Ethereum blockchain directly from its practitioners and were great presentations and workshops at event i.e. standard proposals for identification, Casper, Plasma, Swarm, scaling of Blockchain and many more [1].

On the other hand, a surprise presentation, an introduction to Plasma Cash [2] is given by Vitalik at the event which is not announced before. Plasma Cash is a more scaled version of Plasma. Users can generate Plasma Coins by sending a deposit to the contract and will not need to download the entire Plasma history. Plasma Cash does not require a confirm mechanism and a user could simply track the tokens they have created instead of downloading and verifying the entire history. Such a system has another important point at which it will help to protect cryptocurrency exchanges from large-scale hacks.

It was great to meet with people at there. I had a great conversation with Dr. Greg Colvin, who is one of the core developers of EVM.

Greg Colvin

I had also had time to talk with Vitalik about Ethereum Community:

Vitalik Buterin

It was also great to interchange our knowledge with other projects and friends, i.e. Andres Junge from uPort. Andres gave a presentation about what is identity, identity standards, identity concepts and uPort platform:

Andres Junge

I’ve also talked with Dether team which works on providing a decentralized peer-to-peer ether network that enables anyone on Earth to buy ether with cash and spends it at physical stores nearby just with a mobile phone with internet access without needing a bank account:


I like such conferences at which you can argue your thoughts with the community:

Vitalik Buterin

I strongly recommend such events due to they are great to stay updated with Blockchain technology and meet with your friends.

You can access the list of recorded videos from here: [3].





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